As a fully detailed engineering work equipped with the latest technology to accommodate any type of chocolate production and provide alternatives that can be modified to customer needs, YS/SM/04 Shell Line provides fully automated operation capacity at up to fifty work stations.

In addition to one-dimensional products, options suitable for production of three-dimensional products like filled and non-filled chocolate eggs are also available.

All workstations can be easily directed from the main screen. But the screens on the depositors also allow direct intervention in case of any breakdown.

All options are thought out according to customer needs and size of operation area. Number of depositors and length of line can be modified.

For economy of space the three cooling tunnels on the line are designed as elevator systems.

Mould heating unit is also designed as an elevator system, thus aiming to ensure homogenous heating at all points of polycarbonate moulds.

All tunnel hatches are fitted with food-rated glasses and inside of the tunnels are lighted to ensure easy management of the operation and for ease of identification of the source of potential failures.

Systems are installed to prevent mould jamming inside the tunnel to prevent potential jamming and breakages.

To prevent the heat loss during cooling process from damaging the product the tunnel hatches are equipped with sensitive insulation materials and hatches are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel.

All hatches have jointed lock systems to provide easy access.

Double-sided strippers are installed at tunnel gates and after mould flipping points to prevent moulds from becoming dirty and to ensure hygiene.

  • Mould Cassette
  • Mould Turning
  • Mould Heating Section
  • 1st Depositor
  • Vibration
  • Shell Making Section
  • First Cooling Tunel (Shell Cooling)
  • 2nd Depositor
  • Vibration
  • 3th Depositor
  • Vibration
  • Crema and Caramel Cooling Tunel
  • Shock Heating
  • 4th Depositor
  • Vibration
  • Scraping
  • Third Cooling Tunel
  • Mould Twist Section
  • Mould Turning
  • Hammer Section
  • Outlet


  • Spraying
  • Crunch Aparatus
  • Nut Aparatus
  • Crispy Aparatus
  • Biscuit or Wafer Magazzine

Mould Size Options