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YS/Y  2013

YS/Y 2013 Turbo Render Oil Melting machine, is a multipurpose compact structure used for melting cocoa butter and coca block, besides palm-based oil blocks. The blocks are grated by means of heated spirals and melted in a very short time and taken inside the section existing under the spiral. The machine is convenient and useful with its structure for both melting and storage. Turbo render, was designed as intented to decrease the loss of time occurred in the business places through melting the blocks very fast and provided that not causing any degradation at their chemical structure.

The degree of density of melted blocks does not affect the machine performance in no circumstances. The machine can melt 25 kg block in 55 seconds and make it ready for usage. With this specification, it is intented to prevent from waste of raw material besides the time and energy loss occurred in business places. The oil in compliance with prescription is melted in a very short time and can be processed without waiting for a long time as it is in other oil tanks. This specification provides advantages regarding hygienic issues. With usage of this machine occurrence of smell and microorganisms in oils waited for long period of time is prevented.

Teknik Özellikler

Capacity per hour: 1300 kg

Tank capacity: 500 kg

Energy consumption: 10,5 kw


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